Last updated 12th November 2019

Here’s How Businesses Are Benefiting From More Cost-Effective & Powerful Telephone Solutions.

The end of the line? Business landlines are being replaced by this revolutionary alternative.

New Telephone System

Millions of VoIP calls are made over the internet each year - why haven’t you made the switch yet?

Rising Costs For The Same Old Tech

In the last few decades technology has developed rapidly. What we can now do with our mobile phone seems far from the flip phones of the 90s.

But why haven’t business landlines seen similar changes? And why have costs continued to rise? Think about it. The power of your business landline phone hasn’t increased but your phone bill probably has.

With rising landline charges, and businesses demanding more from their phone systems, it's no wonder the government is moving the entire Australian telephone network to the internet.1

Thankfully an internet phone system is a powerful and affordable alternative. Its official name is VoIP.

Benefits of VoIP:
  1. Cost Effective
  2. Crystal Clear Call Quality
  3. Security
  4. Portability
  5. Automated Assistance
  6. Multi-Functionality
  7. Call Recording Services

What Is VoIP Anyway?

VoIP works like WhatsApp or Skype – it makes calls using your internet connection.

Not only can this save you money (especially on international calls); it also means you can access your business calls on a number of devices, from anywhere in the world.

All VoIP systems come with a host of features like call forwarding to mobile devices, call queuing, and call holding. Never miss an important call again!

You can also gain insights into how your employees use their business phone. Examine their metrics, such as their average call length, and analyse their conversations using call recording software.

You might not need all the features. In fact, many businesses already using VoIP can benefit from shopping around to make sure they find a supplier that suits their business needs.

How To Get Started

This is where Expert Market comes in. We work with a range of suppliers to help find the telephone solution that suits you.

To get a FREE quote, just follow the 3 simple steps below:

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