By Cedric Yarish,
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Last updated on 31/03/2020

Phone Carriers Don't Want Businesses To Know About This

Telecom executives are getting worried that most businesses are switching to this.


Why this new landline replacement technology is taking the US by storm.

Are you a business still using landlines? You may see your bills skyrocket in the near future.

For years carriers have been telling businesses that the only way to get quality phone calls was through old, outdated, and pricey landlines. When really it’s the opposite.

See, when landline technology was launched 20 years ago it cost a fortune to set up. Then with time as the infrastructure started to deteriorate, instead of using their funds to upgrade landlines, carriers invested in mobile cell towers and internet connections. Now landline technology can hardly be supported, yet carriers are still targeting businesses with sky-high prices.

Luckily, technologists have recently developed a new hybrid phone system that lets you have higher quality calls for pennies on the dollar.

This new technology is known as VoIP, which is quite simply, Voice Over Internet Protocol.

Instead of using old and unreliable telephone lines, your calls go through lighting-speed internet cables. Now you can get crystal clear audio, voicemail transcriptions, and cheaper international calling with ease. All vitally important when running a successful business.

Here’s the best part: compared to landline bills, VoIP comes in at a fraction of the cost.

Don’t ever pay a landline bill again!

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Here are the new features that can help you increase productivity, customer satisfaction, and reduce costs today.

Business Phone Features

  1. VoIP Systems - Phone systems use Internet networks to send and receive call data – drastically reducing call costs and providing access to advanced call management and collaboration features.
  2. Auto Attendant - Automatically processes calls round the clock.
  3. Voicemail to Email Transcriptions – Transcribe your voicemails automatically meaning you can do more business.
  4. Call Conferencing – Allows several users to communicate simultaneously.
  5. Desktop Integration – Customer details are displayed on the computer automatically when a call is answered.
  6. Music on Hold – Plays music to the caller if the line is busy.
  7. Online dashboard – Have an online dashboard of all your phone activity accessible from your mobile or desktop computer.
  8. Virtual Extensions – Each employee can have their own company extension without the need for a physical unit. It links directly to their mobile or phone.
  9. Call Logging – Records calls for future reference or training purposes. This helps you train business employees better.

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